Thank you for taking a few moments to join the Social Media aspects of Shawn McMillen Photography. Social Media is reinventing the way we communicate. 2011 is the year of Social Media.

Now more than ever is a time to embrace Social Media and let it work for us. Better communication and accessibility can only help enhance our relationship with our customers. Please take a few moments to become connected to us in the following ways.

Become a Shawn McMillen VIE (Very Important Equestrian)
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Facebook Fan Page

This is our Facebook home, you can always visit us here, from within Facebook or by simply typing from any browser and it will take you to the Facebook fan page. Just say you like us and you become a fan. We do the rest. Specials, Incentives, Contests, and Giveaways that only are fans will have access to.

Follow us on Twitter!

Twitter is a way to more quickly communicate with you should the need arise. Since messages are limited to only 140 characters you can expect things like coupon codes, incentives, and discounts that are very short lived (time sensitive). We can also tweet out updates as to when photos are online, shipping out etc. A very useful tool. Just follow us on twitter and let us do the rest.

Facebook Group Page

You can also join this page by going to any web browser and typing in By becoming a member of our Shawn McMillen Photography Group you can get inbox updates on Facebook as to when photos are available at a show, specials, discounts and incentives.

Shawn McMillen Blog

Our blog is a way where we can opening discuss issues that you might have, or changes that we are considering. This business is not rocket science but part of getting it right is listening to you our customers. The blog is an open forum where we can communicate and see feedback, address issues and create new content and ideas that you have been clamoring for.

Very Important Equestrian

Q: So I have signed up for all of the social media types on this page now what?

A: Well first off, THANK YOU! for taking the time to follow us with social media and stay connected. For those of you that have taken the time to sign up for some of the things on this page, you will get discounts and incentives that are not available to our normal customers. For those of you that signed up for ALL of the things on this page you will receive inaugural invitations to become founding members of our VIE CLUB.

That's right! We are getting ready to launch a VIE CLUB Card that has even more crazy incentives and specials that will only be make available to VIE Members. These will be rotating specials and discounts that are applicable at shows as well as online. VIE CLUB Card requirement is that all the forms of social media that we offer have to be signed up for … sign up for them all and get a jump on membership.

Become a VIE CLUB Card Member before we officially launch the program! As we get closer to the official launch date, those that are already signed up will and can be members from Day 1.

VIE CLUB Card officially kicks off July 4th, 2011.

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