Q: Do you print onsite?
We lab print our photos. While this might take a bit longer than onsite printing the quality of a lab print is unmatched. If you need something rushed asked us about our expedited service options.
Q: What is an ear fix?
A: Ever have that great photo but your horses ears are pinned back or cockeyed? With an ear fix we use our skills to rotate the ears forward in a more pleasing position. For more questions about ear fixes, please view our Samples Gallery look at an example of Before and After an ear fix.

Q: How long does it take to receive a print from you?
A: Four weeks is what we like to allow for product delivery. We are usually quicker than that. We have found it much safer to under promise and over deliver than vice versa. If there is a rush on something we can discuss expidation options to get you your photographs much quicker.

Q: We are interested in advertising work and would like to use some of your photos how does that work?
A: All of our photographs come with copyright and do require a release for PRINT, ELECTRONIC, OR WEBSITE reproduction. Your purchase of our photos does not include the right to reproduce that photo for any reason without specific license agreement with Shawn McMillen Photography. Please Email us to discuss your usage options and rate structure.

Q: Do you do advertising work?
A: We create advertisements, press releases, websites and offer a full gammet of media related services. Feel free to Contact us for advertising options. Not only do we do the design aspect of advertising, we also have great working relationships with all the major equine publications and can work with them directly to minimize the hassle on your end.

Q: How do you do events?
A: When we come to photograph an event, we are the OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER we do not EVER just show up at an event to take photos. We have in the past shot privately for individuals and barns at an event that is already covered. If this is the case we let the official photographer know our intent, do our job and leave.

Q: Do you show photos onsite or just online?
A: We have done both in the past and will continue to do both. It all depends on the event and the requirements of the job. Our online ordering site can be found HERE.

Q: How do I get you to do our event?
A: We would love to cover an event for you! We need to know certain things before we can consider doing an event. Date is the most important as we are usually booked up to a year in advance. If the date is open, then we need to know horse type, approximate size of the show, staffing requirements, etc. We love to photograph horses and take each event seriously regardless of size. Contact us today and let us give your next event rockstar coverage.

Q: What is the Rainbow Bridge Section of your gallery?
A: The Rainbow Bridge is the section of our website dedicated to those loved ones that we have photographed that for whatever reason are no longer with us. This is a place where they can all live on in our memories and hearts.

Q: How do I get my photo on the Rainbow Bridge Section of your gallery?
A: Hopefully you never will have to. However if something happens to your beloved pet the requirements are as follows. 1. We have to have photographed the deceased pet. We can not accept photographs from other photographers or personal submissions for copyright and various other reasons. 2. If we have photographed your pet (REGARDLESS OF WHETHER YOU PURCHASED A PHOTO OR NOT) contact us here. We will update our section with a photograph and as well as in your hearts and memories your pet will live with us at our Rainbow Bridge.

Q: Do you photograph all types of events?
A: We photograph equine events. We are a very specific focused company. We do one thing and do it extremely well.

Q: When I was at the show I same some very large prints but I do not see those on the ordering website, do you offer those for purchase?
A: Yes, we do offer enlargements all the way up to 30x40. Enlargements are all different and some photos may or may not fit into specific sizes. If you are interested in anything larger than what is on the website, please feel free to Contact Us, so we can make sure the right photo makes for the size that you are looking for.

Q: I did not see my horse listed did you miss them?
A: We try to get everybody and most of the time we do. If we missed you there could be several factors. Did you or your trainer request no photos? Sometimes we can tell that a horse is not paying attention to their ring duties and too much attention to us. Our photographers are charged to not take pictures if they feel after accessing the situation that harm could come to horse or rider. Sometimes it gets too dark or weather conditions permit us from getting everyone. We do try very hard to get all exhibitors, and sometimes it just happens that we miss someone. If we missed you for whatever reason we apologize and will try again next time to capture that special moment. Please try and use the search photo located on the ordering site to type the name of your horse if you do not see them.

Q: I was on your ordering website the other day and I saw my event and now it is gone. Where did it go?
A: Your event is still there. As we add new events to the top, the older events go towards the bottom of the page. You can keep scrolling down and see the events.

Q: I see a link on the recent events to page to an event that I was just at put the photos are not up on your ordering site yet?
A: The link will appear on the recent events page before the photos actually make it to the ordering site. This acts as a place holder for the event and you can always submit your email via that link and be alerted when the photos are available.

Q: How can we pay for photographs?
A: We accept all major credit cards, cash and check.

Q: Do you do private shoots or farm visits?
A: Yes we do, please visit our Services page for more detailed information about farm visits.

Q: Do you video events?
A: No, we currently do not offer video services. This has been something that has been greatly requested and in the future might be something that we consider.

Q: I want to email my photo can I do that?
A: If you purchase a photograph from us for a nominal charge you can get an email or web resolution version of that same photo to be used for email or website use with release of copyright. We do not distribute full resolution versions.

Q: What is the difference between web resolution and full resolution?
A: Web resolution is much smaller in size thus making it easy for email and quick to load on web pages. It looks great but is not acceptable for printing. The full resolution file is what is required for printing. Shawn McMillen Photography sets an extremely high standard for our print quality and in order to maintain that standard and preserve quality of work and integrity of product we only use specific partners for finished print work.


If you have any other questions please feel free to contact us. We will try and answer your question as quickly as possible and it might even end up here on the FAQ section for all to see. Thank you!

"others take pictures... we create memories.."